Roger Dean – ‘Islands And Bridges’ Postage Stamp Collection


To coincide with Roger Dean’s current ‘Islands And Bridges’ Exhibition at the Manx Museum in Douglas,  a series of six stamps has been created for the Isle of Man Post Office.

One stamp features a new painting called ‘Meeting Place’, inspired by the Isle of Man’s landscape. Another called ‘Blind Owl Late Landing’ uses artwork that is as yet unreleased.

Others including ‘Pathways’, ‘Green Parrot Island’ and ‘Tales from Topographic Oceans’ use existing paintings from Yes albums, and ‘Sea of Light’ is a piece taken from the Uriah Heep album cover.

Roger adds,  “Of all the ways and in all forms that I have shown my work, this project has been one of the most exciting for me,” Roger says of the collection. “My paintings are landscapes that are mostly inaccessible; stamps are the means of paying for the passage of messages from place to place, I love the purposefulness of that.”

The ‘Islands and Bridges’ stamp collection is part of a collaboration between the artist, the Post Office and Manx National Heritage, which is also marked by the exhibition at the Manx Museum in Douglas, Isle of Man which runs from 20th August until 19th November 2016.

The stamps featured  in this presentation pack are:
• 45p – Meeting Place – painting inspired by the Isle of Man.
• 77p – Blind Owl Late Landing – artwork for the Blind Owl album, to be released.
• 95p – Pathways – cover artwork for the Yes triple album Yessongs.
• £1.24 – Green Parrot Island – from Yes – The Studio Albums 1969-1987 box set.
• £1.69 – Tales From Topographic Oceans – Yes album cover.
• £2.08 – Sea of Light – from the Uriah Heep album of the same name.

The stamps can be ordered here.




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