Haken – 4th Album to be Released Late April


London’s prog-metallers Haken have announced their fourth album entitled ‘Affinity’ will be released on April 29th through Inside Out Music.

2014 saw the release of an EP of re-recorded material – ‘Restoration’ – but ‘Affinity’ will be the full follow up to 2013’s highly acclaimed offering ‘The Mountain’.

According to guitarist Charles Griffiths, “The 1970s was a golden age for prog music. In the past we’ve taken a lot from bands of that era, especially Gentle Giant, but this time, we’ve gone more towards the next decade for our inspiration. It means albums like 90125 from Yes, Toto IV and King Crimson’s Three of a Perfect Pair. We all love the sounds they used and we’ve incorporated some of that approach on Affinity.” 

Haken have produced a micro-site dedicated to the release of ‘Affinity’, check it out here.

Hopefully 2016 will see the band return to Canada to promote ‘Affinity’…..

The album will be available on double vinyl and limited double cd.


CD 1:

1) affinity.exe (1:26)
2) Initiate (4:16)
3) 1985 (9:08)
4) Lapse (4:44)
5) The Architect (15:40)
6) Earthrise (4:48)
7) Red Giant (6:06)
8) The Endless Knot (5:50)
9) Bound By Gravity (9:29)

CD 2:

1) affinity.exe (1:26)
2) Initiate (instrumental version) (4:16)
3) 1985 (instrumental version) (9:08)
4) Lapse (instrumental version) (4:44)
5) The Architect (instrumental version) (15:40)
6) Earthrise (instrumental version) (4:48)
7) Red Giant (instrumental version) (6:06)
8) The Endless Knot (instrumental version) (5:50)
9) Bound By Gravity (instrumental version) (9:29)


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