Tangerine Dream – The Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 2

The second in a series of official bootlegs from Tangerine Dream, released by Esoteric – out now – review by Tim Darbyshire

This set follows the same format as ‘Volume One‘ with two complete Tangerine Dream concerts recordings of historical interest. The concerts included this time are Palais Des Congres, Paris – 6th March 1978 and the groundbreaking Palast Der Republik, East Berlin – 31st January 1980.

Unusually, the Paris recording isn’t derived from the now defunct Tangerine Tree project. This recording only surfaced in the last few years but to these ears it’s probably the best sounding recording from the 1978 Cyclone Tour.  The short lived line up to promote 1978’s controversial ‘Cyclone’ was Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, vocalist Steve Jolliffe and drummer Klaus Krieger.  After Peter Baumann’s departure in 1977,  TD briefly dallied with a vocalist resulting in the ‘Cyclone’ album.

The music on this recording is less intense than ‘Cyclone’, with themes loosely based on the album.  This set is mostly improvised with Jolliffe adding ad-lib made up vocal sounds and flute. Cd1 is especially mellow with washes of familiar mellotron choirs and strings.

Although enjoyable, the experiment with a vocalist was deemed to have run its course – the excellent accompanying essay in the booklet goes into more detail – and TD didn’t return to the stage until January 1980. As the decade ended, so did the technology. Digital sequencers and synthesizers enabled TD to structure their music more and from the 1980s onwards, all TD concerts would be mostly free of improvisation.

Augmented by new recruit former studio tech Johannes Schmoelling, Edgar Froese and Chris Franke played two concerts on the same day at the Palast Der Republik East Berlin – and in doing so became the first Western ‘rock’ band to play behind the Iron Curtain – presumably the authorities decided the lack of vocals meant no political message could be disseminated. Great quality bootlegs were abundant as the night performance was broadcast on East German radio. Official releases of parts of the show also followed – ‘Quichotte’ and ‘Pergamon’.

Taken from the pre-fm master reels, the audio included here is the best version I’ve heard. Some of the concert is clearly based on TD’s about to be released ‘Tangram’ album, but the majority is of the music especially on CD3 is unavailable elsewhere.

The clamshell box contains 4 cds, essay booklet and 2 sided poster. Hopefully there is more to come from Esoteric in this series.

td boot 2 8

td boot 2 6

td boot 2 7


Track Listing:

CD 1:
Palais Des Congres, Paris – 6/March/1978:
1. Paris Set One

CD 2:
Palais Des Congres, Paris – 6/March/1978:
1. Paris Set Two
2. Paris Set Three
3. Paris Set Four

CD 3: Palast Der Republik, East Berlin  31/January/1980
1. East Berlin Set One

CD 4:
Palast Der Republik, East Berlin  31/January/1980
1. East Berlin Set Two
2. East Berlin Encore

‘Staatsgrenze West’ bootleg vinyl version and Tangerine Tree CD versions:

td boot 2 5td boot 2 4

td boot 2 3

td boot 2 2td boot 2 1



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