Big Big Train – ‘Stone And Steel’ Release Update

Originally planned for the end of 2015, Big Big Train’s ‘Stone And Steel’ is now scheduled to be released 7th March 2016.

‘Stone And Steel’ will feature nine cuts from the band’s 2014 Real World Studio rehearsals/performance and four live tracks from the recent gigs at Kings Place in London.  As the release contains nearly three hours of music (and documentary video), and all tracks will be mixed in 5.1 as well as stereo, it was decided to release ‘Stone And Steel’ on Blu-Ray only.

‘Stone And Steel’ will be the first release since June’s CD EP ‘Wassail’ and will fill the gap before the eagerly awaited follow up to the frankly stunning ‘English Electric – Full Power’.

In the meantime, the band have made a live version of Judas Unrepentant from the August 2015 Kings Place gigs available on their YouTube channel. For more information about ‘Stone And Steel’ and all BBT projects new and old, see Big Big Train’s website.

If Big Big Train are unfamiliar to you, I can recommend them wholeheartedly – buy their CDs, support the band, you won’t be disappointed.



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