Hypergraphia: The Writings of David Sylvian 1980–2014

Book review by Tim D

‘Hypergraphia – The Writings Of David Sylvian  1980–2014’,  is an impressive hard backed offering featuring 638 pages, mostly in full colour.

Released in November 2015 ‘Hypergraphia’ is the final release from David Sylvian’s label Samadhisound. Four years in the making ‘Hypergraphia’ is published in a limited edition of 3,000 copies worldwide, with an extra 500 signed and numbered copies which naturally sold out very quickly.

The first thing that strikes you when handling the book is the sheer quality of it – the pages are printed on prime stock paper and the volume is pleasingly weighty.

The book is a comprehensive collection of David’s lyrics and poetry covering his career to date from 1980, accompanied by artwork and photographs relevant to the writings. Long time art collaborator Chris Bigg was responsible for the design of the project, and it has to be said this volume is a real treat for fans. Sylvian has curated or contributed all the art, with notable offerings from artists as Atsushi Fukui, Anton Corbijn, Katharina Grosse, Tacita Dean and Kristamas Klousch.

Aesthetically pleasing throughout, the book is a chronological journey of David’s work with three major interviews underpinning the sections for each release. The contents section clearly sets out format so you can look up your favourite album or period, but really the reader does not have to know who David Sylvian is to enjoy the artwork and writings included.

The quality and content of the book is simply stunning – nothing more really need be said. Couple this with Chris Young’s excellent biography ‘On The Periphery – David Sylvian A Biography’ and you really have the comprehensive guide to Sylvian’s story.

For more information and ordering see http://davidsylvian.com/hypergraphia/


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